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Towel Disinfection Cabinet About Spas

Towel Disinfection Cabinet About Spas

Without a doubt. One of the best things about having a massage or spending a day at the spa is having an incredibly warm towel wrapped around you. Whether you’re a professional or just looking to bring soothing comfort into your home, nothing will keep you comfortable. You are just as comfortable.

However, towel warmers are worth the investment for more than just comfort, as depending on the model, they can use UV light or dry damp towels faster to prevent bacterial growth, keeping towels feeling and smelling cleaner.
From electric towel warmers to bucket and cabinet heated towel rails, we’ve found the best models to give you great results. If you’re buying a gift for an older person on your list, they’ll love the extra comfort of a towel or bathrobe.
If you need more, Dermalogic has some great models, including a dedicated countertop cabinet that holds 120 towels and a freestanding industrial model that holds 360 towels.
Each has an adjustable temperature range of approximately 90 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you more control over which towels are disinfected. (But keep in mind that you’ll need a pre-vacuum autoclave to completely sanitize your CDC-approved towels.) There’s an indicator on the tank that warns you when the water level is low, and the cabinet automatically shuts off for safety. .
I love that the 120 has a window in the door, so you can easily see if there are more towels in the closet when you clear out for the night, or make sure you have enough towels during the day. It features three shelves and reflective insulation walls to help keep heat where you want it.
Larger models are self-contained units with two separate doors for different cabinet compartments. They have all the same features but are larger in size to suit the wider needs of businesses such as spas.
Tired of towels that only heat the strips? Or lose heat by heating only a small towel? Wall heater “Evokor” is a new look at the heated towel rail. Instead of thin heating rods with lots of space between the heating elements, Evocor has long, solid heating plates, which makes more sense since your towels are solid plates.
There are small, medium and large sections. Each section can be opened individually or simultaneously. This can help you cut down on wasted energy when you’re not using every inch of available heater space. Use just the bottom as a big towel? Do not open the top two sections. If you’re the type of person who installs a towel warmer and gets distracted by something else, only to remember to heat it up after five hours, there’s also a preset timer option.
It is available in white, black or black gold and various widths. They also have a variant that only has medium to large sections and the top is replaced with small shelves.
Have you been looking for a taller and narrower heated towel rail? The Keenray Bucket Towel Rack is 19 inches tall but only 13 inches in diameter, meaning it fits better in tight spaces than many other products. The top of this heater has a simple one-button operation that heats up for 60 minutes and then turns off automatically.
Large enough to hold two regular towels and a bathrobe or two large towels, no waiting to toast towels after shower. It heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time. The top of this heating pad also features a handy bamboo handle, making it easy to quickly check the temperature of the contents inside or make sure your kids haven’t dropped anything into it. (In case you’re afraid to throw the towel on your child’s fusible toys.
The internal parts of the device may become hot, so removing the hot towel from the device is not recommended for anyone other than an adult.
Elite Mini is the solution to space problems. Measuring 13 x 10 x 11 inches, this small closet holds approximately 10 manicure-sized washcloths or 5 hand towels.

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